Local December 2, 2014 | 8:19 am

‘Traitor’ allegation reveals chasm in Dominican Republic’s ruling party

Santo Domingo.- Dajabon province senator Sonia Mateo on Tuesday railed against two of her ruling PLD party senior colleagues, and reveals the organization’s deteriorated leadership.

She called Presidency chief of staff Gustavo Montalvo “the head of the Pedro Santanas,” in reference to the traitor Pedro Santana, who sought to cede the Dominican Republic to Spain. “Montalvo wants the fusion of the island (Hispaniola).”

She said once president Danilo Medina appointed him as his Chief of Staff, “Montalvo came in there and started his effort (to fuse the island) right away.”

When asked if president Danilo Medina is aware of the alleged traitorous actions by his Chief of Staff, he lawmaker said, “yes, but he’s a correct man, very Dominican, he’s under tremendous pressure.”

She reiterated that Montalvo is the “head of all Pedro Santanas in the country.”

Speaking on Hoy Mismo Channel 9, the Senator for Dajabon province also reiterated that dams and canals agency (INDRHI) director and PLD colleague Olgo Fernandez is plotting to kill me.”

She said she hasn’t spoken with former president and PLD president Leonel Fernandez on her allegations against Montalvo and Olgo Fernandez because “he knows it, everybody knows it.”

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