Local December 6, 2014 | 10:25 am

Bishop accuses organizations to pressure government on abortion

Barahona, DR.– The Barahona diocese bishop Rafael Leonidas Felipe Núñez, yesterday regretted the decision of President Danilo Medina to observe the Penal Code regarding abortion.

He said that there are national and international organizations seeking abortion is legalized in the Dominican Republic. "They claim that a mother can terminate her pregnancy, taking the life of a person who is beginning to live, but still needs mom’s womb," he said.

The Catholic prelate said that the fetus in the womb does not belong to the body of the mother. "The fetus is someone different, and some women defend the right related to their bodies, but not the body of the child in her womb."

The Barahona bishop pointed out that the mother has no right to decide on the life of the fetus forming in her body.

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