Local December 10, 2014 | 1:26 pm

Traditional mañana: More than half of motorists yet to renew plates

Santo Domingo.- The Internal Taxes (DGII) revealed Wednesday that only 391,801 (40%) of the country’s vehicle owners have renewed their windshield sticker, and warns that motorists will have to pay a RD$600 surcharge after the December 31deadline.

The deadline to renew online expires next Friday at midnight, for which motorist will have to visit savings and loan associations and some banks no later than noon on December 31.

DGII Motor Vehicles Dept. director Virginia Gómez said more than 60% of vehicle owners still need to renew their sticker, with expected revenue of RD$527 million.

Traffic cops

"Once the deadline expires Metropolitan Transit Authority agents will proceed to impound the vehicles without stickers. The owner must renew and pay a fine," warmed Amet spokesman Diego Pesqueira.

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