Local December 16, 2014 | 11:12 am

Catholics could squash Dominican leader’s reelection bid, priests warn

Santiago .- "You don’t need to decriminalize abortion to get reelected, think it through Mr. president Danilo Medina, because you will be billed and clearly billed," warned Catholic priest Juan P. Azcona, a member of Santiago’s Archdiocese on Tuesday.

The priest voiced the warning during a press conference to state opposition to decriminalized abortion, as Medina suggested prior to vetoing the Criminal Code, which lawmakers will debate today Tuesday.

The priest Rafael Gil Cruz also notes that Medina’s reelection plans hide behind the veto and a push to amend the Constitution.

Azcona announce that the protests which began Monday night will continue, with a vigil at Santiago’s Cathedral, and called on the President to avert tarnishing his reputation.

He affirmed that Medina has many faithful Christians who would support his aspirations, but cautioned that “the abortion industry and mafia money” are behind it.

The prelates asked citizens to light candles in front of their houses and raise the national flag with the message "don’t turn off lives."

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