Local January 10, 2015 | 9:18 am

Only two Dominicans live in Haitian housing project sponsored by NGO

Puerto Plata, DR.– Interior and Police minister Jose Ramon Fadul on Friday said there are 1,200 people living in Los Algodones de Montellano housing project, in Puerto Plata (north), but only two are Dominican and the rest are illegal Haitians.

As reported in El Nuevo Diario, those figures are the result of a survey conducted by a special committee designated by the Police Ministry to determine the composition of the housing project’s population.

Early this week Fadul called the Canada-funded NGO’s construction of the 250 homes for undocumented Haitians unusual and in violation of immigration laws. The houses made of concrete blocks and tin roofs are built by the Canada-based Samaritan Foundation.

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