Local January 28, 2015 | 12:13 pm

Throng wants Congress to let Medina run again

Santo Domingo.- Thousands of people rallied outside Congress Wednesday calling on lawmakers to amend the Constitution to let president Danilo Medina run for another term.

Legal adviser Cesar Pina set forth the brouhaha Monday when he affirmed that there was no time to submit a bill to allow a sitting president to seek reelection.

The demonstrators in front of Congress say they came from across the country including Tamboril, Santiago native Minerva Martinez, who said Medina should be allowed to seek another term because in her view, “is doing what has never been done.”

"We’ve seen a difference in governing in president Danilo Medina because he’s doing what had never been done, so we want four more years," she said.

Luis Rodriguez, another protester, said "we want four more years because what’s never been done is being done and that’s what the poor and everyone needs."

Moreover, Miguel Fernández said, "we’re here motivated by the things Danilo Medina is doing, first in agriculture, we who are micro businesspersons have had the opportunity to access a loan without red tape."

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