Local February 6, 2015 | 11:24 am

Doctor in alleged death threats to journalists surrenders

Santiago.- Doctor Luis Diaz surrendered to authorities Friday, after lawyers for journalists Huchi Lora, Juan Bolivar Diaz, Roberto Cavada and Amelia Deschamps charged him with voicing death threats against them.

Diaz was accompanied to Santiago’s courthouse by Union of Neighborhood Boards president Milagros Candelier, TV producer and journalist Judith Valdez, and other personalities from the city of Moca.

The journalists accused Diaz of making death threats during a ceremony held at the El Ejido sector of the city, to mark the 102nd anniversary of Juan Pablo Duarte’s birth.

The journalists’ lawyer Negro Veras showed a video as evidence which shows a group of people shouting threats against journalists.

A Santiago district judge on Thursday issued an arrest warrant against Diaz

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