Local February 9, 2015 | 4:47 pm

ITF official arrested for investigating local air traffic contrl row is released

Santo Domingo.- Antonio Rodriguez Fritz, who was arrested this morning in the Dominican Republic during a fact finding mission to investigate air traffic control problems there, has now been released.

He stated: "After seven hours in custody, and being asked why a foreigner is supporting Dominican Republic air traffic controllers, I have been released without charge. None of the police officers was able to explain the reasons for the arrest, since clearly no law had been broken. This has been a valuable lesson: these same tactics are being used regularly to intimidate the member of the Dominican Air Traffic Controllers Association (ADCA) – who are now prohibited from even writing reports about incidents in the country’s airspace. Twenty eight members, including the union’s leaders have been sacked, and there have been many of these arrests without charges."

"I’d like to thank the national trade union centres, and national and international trade unionists for their support. The ADCA will not be silenced. This arrest stopped me from addressing a press conference on the ATC situation today. I’m glad to say that the event will now go ahead tomorrow."

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