Local February 10, 2015 | 12:03 pm

Politico wants ‘hairbrained’ campaign against ex president halted

Santo Domingo.- Minority conservative party (PRSC) leader Humberto Salazar on Tuesday asked Presidency Administrative minister Jose Ramon Peralta to clarify a rumor in social networks that people close to him are behind the alleged negative and “hairbrained” campaign by radio host Salvador Holguín against former president Leonel Fernández, who also heads the ruing party PLD.

Several weeks ago Holguin said an alleged letter from drug kingpin Quirino Paulino says he gave RD$200 million to finance Fernandez’s political campaign and that the drug trafficking convict had called the program Hilando Fino to reiterate his claim.

"We were highly surprised that despite the publicity this complaint has had on social networks obviously counting on strong financial support by the communicator Salvador Holguín, the official has not reacted by distancing himself from the spread rumors, which link him to the funding of these allegations, "Salazar said in a statement sent to local media.

"To maintain the unity between the government and the PLD, and especially the harmonious relationships which president Danilo Medina, and PLD president Leonel Fernandez have kept, it’s necessary to avoid any topic or rumor since this may affect the electoral prospects of the ruling party," Salazar said.

"We find it very strange that a communicator without any relevance in public opinion…, with close ties to (former president) Hipólito Mejía, can be part of an evidently hairbrained campaign against former president Leonel Fernandez," said the veteran politico, member of the Progressive Bloc pro-government parties.

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