Local March 11, 2015 | 7:40 am

Dominican Republic to reopen consulates on Haiti guarantees

Antigua, Guatemala.- Foreign Affairs minister Andrés Navarro on Tuesday said Dominican Republic’s government will reopen its five consulates in Haiti next week, on Haiti president Michel Martelly’s pledge to safeguard their personnel, in addition to the resumed talks by the Joint Bilateral Commission to develop an agenda for the two nations.

The official spoke after meeting with Haiti par Pierre Duly Brutus, who informed him of Martelly’s guarantee of safety and security of Dominican staff and diplomats in Haiti, bolstered with local police and UN peacekeepers.

The foreign ministers met during the 20th meeting pf Association of Caribbean States Regular Council of Ministers, and discussed at length the tensions stemming from aggressions against the Dominican embassy and five consulates by Haitian groups, which prompted the Dominican government to shutter them temporarily

"Foreign minister Brutus told us that the government of president Martelly will provide adequate protection to all our diplomatic missions and ensures the physical integrity of the staff there serves in the five consulates temporarily closed," Navarro said.

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