Local April 6, 2015 | 1:05 pm

Top prosecutor, Police chief meet as talk of political murder emerges

Santo Domingo.- National Police chief Manuel Castro is meeting with Justice minister Francisco Dominguez at the latter’s office, reportedly to analyze a call by one of the accused of gunning down Energy and Mines deputy minister Victoriano Santos and his son Victor.

Local media report the detainee accused a prominent political leader in the city of Cotuí (northeast) of hiring hit men for the double murder.

The meeting comes several days after Isauris Sánchez de los Santos (Abusador), being held in connection with the murders, allegedly made a phone call to a TV program, affirming that the mastermind is a Cotuí politician, but would reveal names only if he’s transferred to a prison in Santo Domingo, which is home to most of the suspects.

Also charged are Luis Enrique Acosta (El Pelotero), Freddy Rubio Féliz (El Catín), Natanael Julis Ozoria (El Mayor), Jensy Rodríguez (Hensen) and Sergio Andrés Soto (Yontin).

Deputy police chief Alejandro Sierra Dipré was seen leaving the office at the Justice Ministry before the meeting.

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