Local April 10, 2015 | 1:03 pm

Threat to action: Dominican Republic traffic cops push out vendors

Santo Domingo.- A group of street vendors who sell food and other items and windshield washers cleaner at the busy corner of Gomez 27 de Febrero avenues demand to their right to work and support their families.

Some of them said they started their workday at 6am and were bustled from the streets Metropolitan Transit Authority (AMET) cops, just one day after the measure was announced

"The so-called windshield cleaner and hawkers cause inconvenience to motorists and pedestrians, and even damage to vehicles," AMET said to justify the expulsions.

But the vendors call for justice and say the action keeps them from earning a living.

AMET spokesman Diego Pesqueira reiterated that those who cause inconvenience to the public especially motorists, would taken off the streets.

He said they’ve received around 50 complaints from people claiming to being attacked by vendors, windshield washers and "parking attendants," the latter even threatening motorist with knives and bats if they refuse to pay sums often as high as 200 pesos.

"I’ve been here for 21 years here, I sell biscuits and candies and I have to support my wife and two kids," said Santo de la Rosa, quoted by listin.com.do.

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