Local April 15, 2015 | 12:07 pm

Police disperse clash sparked by official in contract killings(Update)

Santo Domingo.- Supporters of councilman Eridson de los Santos Solis, charged with several contract killings, clashed with members of the Fenatrado bus union, prompting police to fire tear gas to disperse the brawl staged in front of the Court Supreme building.

Stones, bottles and tear gas canisters litter the area were several parked vehicles had their windows broken.

As a woman walked toward the building, stone in hand, Justice minister Francisco Dominguez walked down the steps and took it away. He also scolded the security agents for failure to keep order.

The official told several of the leaders of both the union and the councilman’s supporters to put a halt to the melee, which began when de los Santos was being escorted to the Appellate Court

The member of the Peter Brand City Council is charged with the murder of several Fenatrano leaders, and seeks to overturn the ruling of one-year pretrial detention handed down by the National District Permanent Attention Court.

Fenatrano supporters meanwhile continue around the area of the Malecón shouting slogans, waving banners and carrying caskets, to demand that de los Santos remain behind bars.

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