Local May 25, 2015 | 11:27 am

Dominican Republic’s ‘owners’ again strike fear on the roads

Santo Domingo.- A standoff pitting Dominican Republic’s biggest truckers union (FENATRADO) against the container haulers of Santo Domingo over control of the cargo headed to Haiti through the Jimani crossing has again sparked tension on a major highway.

Outlet diariolibre.com reports tha the tension is the latest sparked by the truckers unions, who together with the bus owners associations are known popularly as the country’s ‘owners’ for their often violent protests that strike fear on the Dominican Govt.

Container haulers president Alfonso Francisco said more than 23 tractor trailers loaded with goods have been stranded after truckers at Jimani kept them from crossing into Haiti.

They also claim that 30 other trucks headed to Jimani risk not reaching their destination.

The container truckers union noted that a similar standoff several weeks ago with the truckers union at Pedro Brand arose when FENATRADO president Blas Peralta allegedly favored the latter to haul freight for a foundry located 25 kilometers north on the Duarte highway.

Peralta and Francisco are currently meeting in an attempt to resolve the conflict, which has prompted more than 200 truckers to park their rigs along the 30 de Mayo highway (Malecon) awaiting for instructions to set off toward Haiti.

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