Local June 8, 2015 | 12:38 pm

Deputy slams Dominican Republic leader’s ‘bribes’ in Congress

Santo Domingo.- Independent deputy Minou Tavarez Mirabal on Monday railed against president Danilo Medina and his close collaborators for in her view, “choosing the path of political bosses and dictators” in the push to amend the Constitution to pave the way for a sitting president to seek reelection.

Tavarez said there were irregularities “with names and last names” in reference to the alleged bribes government officials provided some lawmakers to vote to amend the Constitution, and reiterated that Medina and his close collaborators “bought the lawmakers’ conscience.”

In fiery statements during a turn in the National Assembly, the daughter of national heroes Manolo Tavarez Justo and Minerva Mirabal said “no survey obliges lawmakers to vote against their conscience when they were chosen by the people to represent them.”

“The nation of Duarte, Sanchez, Mella, Luperon, Manolo, las Mirabal and Caamano may not have a present, but they won’t steal our future,” the lawmaker said in Congress.

Speaking on Color Vision Channel 9, Tavarez said she’s been contacted by many people to voice their support through the social networks.

In that regard Show del Mediodia host Ivan Ruiz affirmed that the lawmaker’s speech had the “media buzzing. Minou has pumped up the social media, her speech was moving.”

More allegations

Another deputy who accused Medina’s collaborators of offering bribes is Jorge Frías of the opposition PRM party. He affirmed that a man, allegedly representing a contractor, had offered him RD$15 million to buy his vote to pave the way the president’s reelection

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