Local June 9, 2015 | 8:27 am

Mogul hopes new Constitution can resist constant change

Santo Domingo.- Mogul Jose Luis Corripio on Monday said he hopes the future Constitution has provisions with stronger restrictions against changes.

He said Dominican society must agree on which model of presidential election it prefers, whether the U.S. model of two periods and never again, unlimited reelection or seek another term with one period in between, as the current Constitution stipulates.

"The important thing is to play the part which they must and rules respected, because otherwise it could indirectly give reason to believe that the Constitution can be amended like any law every day, but I think this time there will be no problems and the method chosen will be acceptable method of two periods and not repeated again," Corripio said.

Dominican Republic’s Congress amended several laws which restore consecutive presidential reelection for one period and never again, with a bill already approved by the National Assembly, whose president Cristina Lizardo said the new Constitution could be proclaimed as early as Saturday.

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