Local June 26, 2015 | 10:13 am

Busiest Dominican- Haitian market shuttered as tension lingers

Dajabon, Dominican Republic.- The binational market held Mondays and Fridays was suspended in the northwestern city Friday when Haitian authorities stopped its nationals from crossing into Dominican territory, local media report.

A large number of troops also guard the gates of Dominican Customs, with a similar presence from the Haitian side.

Haitian authorities allegedly prevented the market that normally starts 8am from operating as reprisal for the deportation of 30 Haitians Thursday night.

Thousands of Haitians some pushing wheelbarrows and others toting sacks tried to buy the usual array of products offered at the market were left waiting on the banks of the Masacre river, which separates the two countries.

Meanwhile trucks from Dominican territory are hauling furniture and other household items belonging to Haitian citizens who voluntarily decided to return to their country.

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