Local July 10, 2015 | 8:40 am

Dominican labor ‘must be trained’ to become less dependent on Haitians

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Housing Builders and Promoters Association(Acoprovi) president Hector Breton on Thursday said Dominican labor “must be trainedto become less dependent on Haitians over time."

Interviewed on SIN Channel 9, the business leader said Haitianworkers are prevalent in construction because Dominicans “don’t go to that sector,”where day laborers make as little as RD$200 (US$4.40) per day.

“When a construction starts the door opens and who comeare foreigners," he said,” Breton said, adding that once the government programto legalize undocumented aliens started, Acroprovi began gathering informationon how to begin the registration process.

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