Local July 10, 2015 | 11:08 am

Dominican Republic must be regional logistics hub: AMCHAMDR

Santo Domingo.- American Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAMDR) executive vice president William Malamud on Thursday requested an executive order aimed at converting Dominican Republic into the region’s "logistics hub" and spur more competitive production and exports.

"If we do this, become a logistics hub, will lower tfreight costs with more volume at a lower cost per unit, and lower costs, domestic exporters and export processing zones will be more competitive in international markets . So we are pushing to turn the country into a logistics center, as the National Development Strategy stipulates," said the business leader said.

Malamud spoke in a meeting with business leaders and officials with the topic "Trade Facilitation: RD as Regional Logistics Center, what we’re losing by inaction and what to do to get out of the lethargy."

"It’s something that has been in the pipeline for more than three or four years, but still lacks the legal framework to implement it," he said.

Malamud, referring to the bill to amend the Customs Act and now in the lower Chamber said the country needs a new Customs Act. "I think what’s most expeditious to be enacted is to approve it the same as in the Senate."

He noted however that things can always be improved and that if the Customs Agency would like to put or remove some points, this would also be a healthy dialogue, but most importantly, is to get a Customs Law that reflects a consensus with the private sector.

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