Local July 10, 2015 | 2:30 pm

OAS: We’re open-minded; Dominican Republic: We’ve nothing to hide

Santo Domingo.- Organization of American States (OAS) representative Francisco Guerrero, who heads the delegation in the Dominican Republic, said they’re here without prejudice and only want to hear all voices linked to Santo Domingo’s alien registration program.

"This is a well-informed society. We come with open minds and ears," Guerrero said, noting that all his colleagues are experts in immigration issues.

He said he’ll render a report to the OAS after the various meetings held throughout the country, noting that they didn’t come on their own, but invited by the Dominican Government instead.

Guerrero called the government’s good attitude “a plus for the country” and the commission has been well received by Dominican officials.

The OAS official spoke prior to a meeting at the Foreign Ministry accompanied by several members of the Washington-based organization

Foreign minister Andrés Navarro headed the Dominican delegation that included other senior officials and diplomats.

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