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Dominican film to compete in Trinidad’s 1st Caribbean Film Mart

Trinidad.- Fifteen feature-film projects from ten countries will participate in the inaugural Caribbean Film Mart (CFM), taking place at the 2015 trinidad+tobago film festival (ttff) in September, it was announced today.

The CFM will give the 15 selected filmmakers with Caribbean films in development and pre-production the opportunity to meet with 30 international film producers, sales agents and film funds, with the aim of creating professional relationships and partnerships that will enable the production and distribution of the participating projects.

Over 100 projects were submitted to the CFM, from which the participating 15 were chosen. Eleven are fiction projects, while four are documentaries.

“We are pleased that a number of the projects are from ttff alumni, some of whom have gone through our RBC Focus: Filmmakers’ Immersion, and others the EAVE Producers’ training initiative which took place at ttff/14,” said Emilie Upczak, ttff Creative Director.

The selected projects were adjudicated by the ttff, the Global Foundation of Democracy and Development from the Dominican Republic, the Association for the Development of Art Cinema and Practice from Guadeloupe, the Foundation of New Latin American Cinema in Cuba, and the Regional and International Festival of Cinema of Guadeloupe.

The project is co-financed by the ACP Cultures+ Programme (ACP Group of States), funded by the European Union (European Development Fund), and implemented by the ACP Group of States.

The CFM will be held from 24-27 September at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Port of Spain, Trinidad. The ttff/15 takes place from 15-29 September.

The 15 selected CFM projects are:

Beauty Kingdom

Country: Dominican Republic

Directors: Laura Amelia Guzmán, Israel Cárdenas

Producers: Laura Amelia Guzmán, Israel Cárdenas, Mónica De Moya


Country: Bahamas

Director: Kareem Mortimer

Producers: Trevite Willis, Alexander Younis


Country: Curaçao

Director: German Gruber

Producer: German Gruber

Doubles with Slight Pepper

Countries: Trinidad and Tobago, USA

Director: Ian Harnarine

Producer: Ryan Silbert

The Dragon

Country: Trinidad and Tobago

Director: Asha Lovelace

Producer: Asha Lovelace

The Extraordinary Journey of Celeste Garcia

Country: Cuba

Director: Arturo Infante

Producers: Claudia Calviño, Alejandro Tovar

The Fisherman’s Son

Country: Puerto Rico, Colombia

Director: Edgar Deluque

Producer: Annabelle Mullen

Green Days by the River

Country: Trinidad and Tobago

Director: Michael Mooleedha

Producer: Christian James

Hello Nicki

Country: Trinidad and Tobago

Director: Miquel Galofré

Producer: Jean-Michel Gibert

Kidnapping Inc.

Country: Haiti

Director: Bruno Mourral

Producers: Gaethan Chancy, Bruno Mourral, Raoul Peck

Papa Machete

Countries: Haiti, Barbados, USA

Director: Jonathan David Kane

Producers: Jason Fitzroy Jeffers, Keisha Rae Witherspoon

Potomitans: Women Pillars in Revolt

Country: Guadeloupe

Director: Bouchera Azzouz

Producers: Nina Vilus, Laurence Lascary


Country: Jamaica

Director: Storm Saulter

Producer: Donald Ranvaud

The Seawall

Countries: Guyana, USA

Director: Mason Richards

Producer: Sohini Sengupta

Wind Rush

Countries: Trinidad and Tobago, USA

Director: Vashti Harrison

Producer: Vashti Harrison

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