Local July 23, 2015 | 11:37 am

Colombian nabbed in RD$500.0+ money laundering case heads to jail

Santo Domingo.- The National District 2nd InstructionCourt sent Colombian national Angel Maria Buitrago Vacca (El Rubio, El Borracho, El Mono) to six months inprison to await trial on charges of money laundering, drug trafficking and forgery.

In a landmark ruling for the prosecution the refused thelatest in a series of motions by the defence to delay the preliminary hearingand study the indictment.

In a statement he Justice Ministry’s Anti-Money LaunderingUnit lauded the ruling against what itcalls the ringleader of an organized crime network of Colombians, Venezuelansand Dominicans which operated in the Dominican Republic.

Buitrago’s Huber Osvaldo (aka Santiago Castro Sanchez)also awaits a ruling in the same case, in which more 20 defendants have already been conflicted and sentenced,and several firearms, vehicles, apartments, farms and cash totaling more thanRD$500.0 million.

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