Local July 24, 2015 | 10:43 am

Immigration trains inspectors on deporting illegal aliens

Santo Domingo.- The Immigration Agency trains its inspectors in procedures to deport undocumented immigrants, director Ruben Dario Paulino told outlet elcaribe.com.do on Friday.

He said the training "is a review of what to has to be done at some point" and began 21 days ago with around 150 inspectors thus far at the 1st Army Battalion located 25 kilometers north on the Duarte highway.

"Every week we train Immigration Agency and armed forces personnel to familiarize them with deportations to any country with undocumented people here in Dominican Republic. Today we had to come to the field. It’s a complete process to identify undocumented people from the start…" Paulino said.

The official said the process includes the gathering and reading of biometric data to verify information of the person in the database.

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