Local August 3, 2015 | 9:13 am

Catholics to the government: Don’t be provoked by anti-immigrant groups

Santo Domingo.- The DominicanEpiscopal Conference (CED) on Sunday urged the Dominican government "notto be provoked by the anti-immigrant extremist groups which wager on the failureof the National Plan to Regularize Foreigners.

The Catholic Church´sNational Pastoral Commission for Migrants urge Dominican authorities topractice clear political will to continue regularizing immigrants´ status “withdignity and social justice. "

It requested a dialoguebetween Dominican Republic and Haiti on concern over the fate of thousands of Dominicansof Haitian descent. "These illegal, vulnerable, defenseless, and impoverishedpeople hope for a just solution that identifies them as a documented person toguarantee their prerogatives, with full exercise of citizenship."

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