Local August 19, 2015 | 12:36 pm

Top prosecutor calls sentence against major trafficker ´benign´

Santo Domingo.- Justiceminister Francisco Dominguez on Wednesday called “benign” the sentence handeddown to drug trafficker ex-con Ramon Antonio del Rosario Puente "Toño Leña,"who was deported to the country Tuesday after serving time in Puerto Rico.

He called on Congressto approve the Real Estate Forfeiture Act so traffickers cannot demand the returnof their properties once they’re deported to the country. "Without a doubtfor us the penalty of three years that was imposed on Toño Leña is too littleand too poor.”

Speaking after thegraduation of 195 prison guards, Dominguez said drug traffickers must be hithard where it hurts, “which is the confiscation of property,” and called forprison terms as high as 30 years. He said drug traffickers should not be leftwithout properties and "must be punished drastically.”

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