Local August 24, 2015 | 5:33 pm

Group asks Dominican political opposition to forge bloc for next election

Santo Domingo.- The grass roots Movement for a Dignified Life, Camina RD (Walk DR), on Monday calledon political opposition leaders Guillermo Moreno, Max Puig, Minou TavarezMirabal and Fulgencio Severino to create a truly democratic and popularcoalition to compete in the 2016 elections.

It said the coalitionshould be forged by the pñarties Alianza País, headed by Moreno; DemocraticChoice by Tavarez; Alliance for Democracy, Puig; and Patria para Todos (Nationfor All), by Severino.

The movement said the electoral bloc shouldpresent a unique political, economic and social transformations program ;define a single presidential candidate for next May´s election and integrateorganizations and political and social movements across the country.

The proposal comesone day after Tavarez launched the Democratic Choice party and her bid for thepresidency.

Camina RD alsoproposed that the alliance should integrate organizations from the socialsectors to demand participation in the elaboration and implementation of publicpolicies to surmount poverty, expand democracy, ensure respect for human rightsand the population´s access to basic services.

"The electoralprocess in the country is immersed is an opportunity to expose and confrontthis trend towards a perfect dictatorship. It is therefore necessary that theforces of society understand the urgency to join forces and wills to reversethis absolutist rule and rescue the hope that a country is possible," theorganization said in a statement handed out in a press conference.

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