Local September 7, 2015 | 7:45 am

Dominican government corruption “worse than Guatemala”

Santo Domingo.- The leader of the Alianza País party, Guillermo Moreno, claimsthat the Ministry of Education budget has been padded by 10 billion pesos forelection year, with the purpose of financing Danilo Medina’s re-election

He stated that president Medina was already using State funds to financehis re-election.

“We have reports that they are applying for and setting asidecommissions for State project constructions for president Danilo Medina’sre-election. And what’s more, they are creating a multi-million peso fund forfinancing his re-election with the money that the Government is stealing fromthe citizenry by overpricing fuels,” declared Moreno.

“Business owners are being assigned quotas forre-election and woe on whoever refuses to contribute”

Guillermo Moreno added that “all this ismuch more serious and disgusting than what former Guatemalan president OttoMolina and his vice president were doing, and for which they are now in jailand facing trial for corruption. But in the Dominican Republic we have aprosecution service or judicial power to do so.”

He declared that "the Dominican people have twoclearly distinct paths ahead of them: the path of Danilo Medina’s re-election,to maintain public insecurity, public debt, unemployment, corruption andimpunity. And the path represented by Alianza País, which is the path ofpolitical change and the change of direction that implies confronting crime,protecting the environment, defending our natural resources, strengtheningdemocratic institutions, and especially to govern honestly, send corruptofficials to jail and recover what has been stolen”.

Moreno was speaking at a swearing-in ceremony for 200 new members in LosAlcarrizos, in the province of Santo Domingo.

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