Local September 10, 2015 | 7:19 am

US envoy lauds Dominican Republic´s deportation process

Dajabón.- A committeeof the US Embassy, ? Defense Ministry and the Immigration Agency on Wednesday visitedthe shelter facilities for undocumented aliens in Dajabon, to observecompliance with the government plan to regularize foreigners.

Quoted by local mediaUS ambassador James W. Brewster called the government´s regularization process positiveand said he was happy with it and would like to see people getting theirdocuments.

For his part, ImmigrationAgency director Ruben D. Paulino said the deportation process is being improvedevery day so the country can feel more secure and anyone who is undocumentedcan be regularized.

He stressed however thatanyone found illegally in the national territory will be repatriated at anytime.

Also present in thevisit were Army commander Jose Eugenio Matos and Border Security Corps(Cesfront) director Carlos M. Aguirre, among other senior officials.

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