Local September 16, 2015 | 10:18 am

Medina´s brother´s pitch to help booze joint goes viral

Santo Domingo.- Anassistant of president Danilo Medina´s brother sent a letter on Presidency letterheadto Santo Domingo province prosecutor Raquel Cruz Diaz, asking her "consideration"to operate the "Involukrate Drink" bar because the owner is apersonal friend of the ruling party (PLD) and of who sent the missive.

The copy of theletter went viral on social networks since Tuesday afternoon, and is signed byJosé Quezada Sanchez, assistant to Angel Milciades Medina Sanchez, the President´sbrother and assistant.

After the letter was published,Quezada tried to distance himself from the media, although phone call to a radioprogram he admitted sending a Whatsapp text message to the prosecutor in whichhe asked "to consider his companion" who owns the bar.

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