Local October 2, 2015 | 7:33 am

Dominican bishops demand government action on corruption

Santo Domingo.-Dominican Republic´s powerful Catholic Bishops Conference on Thursday demandedthe full weight of the law, regardless of the position of those involved inalleged ring of loan sharks operating in the State Engineers Supervisory Office(OISOE) that led to the suicide of architect David Rodriguez.

Conference president GregorioNicanor Peña said the case should lead to reflection, because many people say itwas money involved and talk of corruption. "I think it’s interesting to analyzeand see what the causes were, find those responsible and apply the weight ofthe law on whomever, regardless of the position, apply the weight of the lawbecause the law is for everyone."

Peña, bishop of the HigueyDiocese (east) said the investigation must determine whether it was corruptionor bribery, "the law must be enforced."

For his part, SanJuan de la Maguana diocese bishop Jose Dolores Grullón asked, "What’sgoing on?, sometimes we do many works, then there´s nothing to pay, and to chargefor them is what is difficult; Then the engineer and contractor has debts, butwhere will they get the money? And here comes the creation of the mafia,because everyone is desperate to get paid their pennies."

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