Local October 13, 2015 | 7:39 am

US pre-check at Dominican airport is ´tourism,´ not attack on sovereignty

Santo Domingo.- Thepresence of US inspectors at Punta Cana International Airport (east) doesn’tcompromise national sovereignty and benefits Dominicans and spurs tourisminstead, said Foreign minister Andres Navarro on Monday.

He said US inspectorsin Punta Cana´s airport form part of the prior authorization system by the US HomelandSecurity Dept., which has yet to start operating.

The system allows customsor migration pre-check of passengers traveling to the US via Punta Cana so whenwill not have to so upon reaching American soil. The system functions as ifPunta Cana ´s flights were from a US domestic terminal the official said. "Thatis a huge advantage for all Dominicans who are traveling to Punta Cana to theUS and also for foreign tourists.”

When asked about the measureannounced by US ambassador James Brewster last week, Navarro said "in noway does it hinders or violates or questions our sovereignty, because it´s notan imposed fact, it´s an attempt to promote tourism."

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