Local October 22, 2015 | 10:44 am

US Congress must condemn Dominican ´stateless´ policy: Writers

Washington.- Dominican-born writer and Pulitzer Prize JunotDiaz on Wednesday joined a group of human rights activists to ask the USCongress a resolution condemning the "abuses" against Dominicans ofHaitian descent at risk of becoming stateless.

Diaz and Haitianwriter Edwidge Danticat took part in a round of meetings with representativesand senators to push for measures to press the Dominican government tobacktrack on regularization measures that they affirm put hundreds of thousandsof Haitians born in the Dominican Republic on risk of becoming stateless.

The writers joinedthe movement on Human Rights for All in the Dominican Republic and AmnestyInternational to condemn the Naturalization Act of 2014 which they affirm,"only increases discrimination against Dominican citizens of Haitiandescent."

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