Local November 2, 2015 | 3:40 pm

Dominican president is there to govern, not talk

Santo Domingo.- PresidencyAdministrative minister Jose Ramon Peralta on Monday said president DaniloMedina is there to govern and not to speak, a clear upbraiding of statements byDominican Newspapers Association president Persio Maldonado, who on Sunday accusedthe chief executive of tweeting his way out of responding to the media onpressing issues.

"That´s his style,there are people who may have spoken a lot and the results are not the same,here the president was elected not to talk, but to govern and to do thingsdifferently," he said.

Peralta said thecountry’s freedom of expression is fully respected and that no journalist hasnever been called to tell them to stop publishing something, but noted that thefact that the president doesn’t talk to the press doesn’t mean any restriction onfreedoms, but a different style.

"The president hasbeen working for three years morning, noon and night for that nation and that’swhy he was elected, to work and improve the lives of citizens."

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