Local November 5, 2015 | 11:35 am

French pilots flee Dominican justice, but land in a French jail: AFP

Santo Domingo.- Pascal Fauret and Bruno Odos, former French military who now pilot private jets in the Caribbean and on the Riviera convicted of drug trafficking, landed in a Marseille jail after their cloak-and-dagger escape, AFP reports.

The flights of the Falcon 50 jet were suddenly detained In the Dominican Republic the night of March 2013, when the pilots, crew member Alain Castany and their sole passenger Nicolas Pisapia were arrested when the plane was about to take off. The police filmed the detainees and showed the duffel bags with 680 kilos of cocaine.

What followed was a two 2-year trial during which the pilots claimed their innocence and French media poured over reports on their conditions of detention and published their protests.

But Odos, 56, and Fauret, 55 were released on their own recognizance to prepare their appeal on a 20-year prison conviction, and barred from leaving the country.

Aided by former French military and politicians, they chose to escape two weeks ago in a sea and air operation dubbed "dinner in the city" executed like clockwork and which reportedly cost around 100,000 euros

The pilots, who told French media that they lacked confidence in the Dominican system of justice, have now been arraigned and are back in jail.

Odos was jailed Tuesday night in Baumettes prison, and will be joined by Fauret on Thursday, after a 15-hour interrogation by judges, his lawyer said.

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