Local November 9, 2015 | 9:52 am

More action needed against gender violence, say campaigners

Santo Domingo.- The Collective for the Defense of Human Rights ofVulnerable Groups declared Sunday that the measures taken by the Dominican governmenthave been “insufficient” for reducing gender violence in the country.

“If we are saying that the issue of femicide is a national priority, why does the Ministry of Women have such a minuscule budget?” asked the organizationspokeswoman, Alba Reyes.

She stated that despite the struggle for human rights,gender violence and femicides are on the rise.

“For several years we have been warning that violence is increasing in the country, that femicides are a problem, and the justice system’s mechanisms foraddressing this issue have been practically inactive, and more and more womenwho are victims of violence are dying every day.”

Reyes wasspeaking at a meeting for the defense of human rights of women, descendants ofHaitians, the LGBT community, sex workers and young people who live in barriosand bateyes.

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