Local November 21, 2015 | 7:58 am

Foreign Ministry rejects Amnesty report on statelessness

Santo Domingo.– The Foreign Ministry (MIREX) on Friday rejected that in the Dominican Republic there are stateless people as Amnesty International assured in a recent report.

The ministry recalled that the problems affecting thousands of people born in the country from resident foreign parents in irregular immigration status were largely solved and others are in the process of solution through the application of Law 169-14, which seeks to create mechanisms to eventually restore the Dominican nationality to those affected.

"Based on this legislation, problems that may have affected these groups of people have been resolved or are being resolved, so there is no justification to talk about statelessness in the Dominican Republic," the government pointed out in a statement released by the Foreign Ministry.

MIREX explained that the nationality rules adopted by the Dominican Republic are similar or compatible with those that are currently in force in many other countries of the American continent, "so no one can claimed any discriminatory intent by the Dominican State in this matter."

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