Local November 24, 2015 | 6:11 am

Dominican Republic leader asks the press, don’t focus on government corruption

Santo Domingo.- PresidentDanilo Medina on Monday sidestepped commentover Dominican Republic´s judicial crisis, but asked journalists to focus on hiscall to not generalize on government scandals, that he once pledged “not tothrow bricks at past corruption.”

"What else am Igoing to talk about? For God´s sake, highlight that of today,!" thepresident said in reference to his speech to mark the Institutionalism andJustice Foundation´s (FINJUS) 25th anniversary but refused to answerquestions afterwards.

Medina did propose agrand bargain with all sectors to end what he sees as a culture of informalityand illegality “which has dragged on for centuries.”

He said although he´saware of the citizens’ manifest anger and despair, "I cannot share theopinion of those who want to put everyone in the same sack and refuse to see theefforts that are underway " he said in the event at the hotel Embajador.

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