Local December 2, 2015 | 7:42 am

Dominican Republic judicial corruption has become a ´monster´

Santo Domingo.- The rulingparty (PLD) deputy for Santiago warned on Tuesday that corruption in thejudicial system also includes the Justice Ministry, whose prosecutors he affirmsextort citizens.

Francisco Matos said hehas around 112 complaints against prosecutors across the country, accused of"fabricating fake files" on citizens.

The lawmaker however didn’tHe didn’t disclose how he obtained the allegations.

He called on justiceminister Francisco Dominguez to seize the moment to investigate them and submitteda draft of a resolution for the Chamber of Deputies to appoint a specialcommittee of jurists to investigate the prosecutors, "given the multipleallegations of corruption throughout the country."

Matos said theDominican Republic cannot continue on the path of a discredited justice and itsprosecutors, which in his view is like building "a Frankenstein monster."

"Society will thentrample over us and society will take justice into its hands and heads willroll around and fall and we will lose what is today called DominicanRepublic," Matos said, citing a case of a prosecutor of Santiago, who heaffirms "fabricated a false file" to extort 40,000 pesos from their relatives.

"The justiceminister should also cleanup from within, so he would also help because ifjudges and prosecutors are accused, it´s good that we go after both sides.”

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