Local December 17, 2015 | 4:14 pm

Dominican society ´tired´ of government´s gun control blah blah

Santo Domingo.-Thenational coordinator of the civic movement Citizen Participation on Thursdaysaid it´s painful to hear talk of gun control only when unfortunate situationslike the murder of mayor Juan de los Santos and his bodyguard occur.

Candido Simon criticizedInterior and Police minister Jose Ramon Fadul for stating his regret, insteadof tackling the issue. "We´re already tired of officials who forget whatthey are, an officer doesn’t denounce, but act and do the right thing so that societycan live with greater peace, harmony, tranquility."

He said the governmentand the political class have utterly failed on public safety, noting that despitepresident Danilo Medina´s vow to work for ‘quiet living,´ “the truth is that weare not living quietly for the fear citizens face everywhere."

Frustration of thePresident

Simon slammed Medina for“appealing to God” when we´re going through rough situations, it sends a signalof frustration because “he´s the chief executive, who must say ‘this cannot go on,I’ll take drastic measures.”

He added that what´shurting Dominican society isn’t poverty but social inequality, since “we´ve beenpoor since 1492.”

"Those who mustpreach with example from above are doing it very badly."

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