Local December 30, 2015 | 10:57 am

Dominican Republic welcomes agreement on Cuban migrants

Santo Domingo.– Manolo Pichardo, former president of the Central American Parliament (PARLACEN), and Tony Raful, former president of that organization’s International Relations Committee, welcomed the agreement reached by Mexican and Central America authorities allowing the passage of thousands of Cuban migrants to the United States.

Pichardo and Raful showed concerned about the situation created by the Cuban migrants stranded in Costa Rica, and regretted the human tragedy a situation of this nature means.

They both coincided that this agreement is a first step in the successful solution of the existing problem and praised Pope Francis’ words when he said: "I invite the countries of the region to renew with generosity all necessary efforts in order to find a rapid solution to this humanitarian drama."

Costa Rica, Mexico, Honduras, Panama, El Salvador and Guatemala were among the signatory nations in the new deal, which will allow Cuban migrants to travel to Mexico and ride a bus to the U.S.

Close to 8,000 migrants have been stuck in Costa Rica since Nicaragua closed its border on November 14. Two hundred and fifty were expected to fly from San Jose, Costa Rica to El Salvador before the year ends.

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