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Not as many stateless people in Dominican Republic: UN

Not as many stateless peoplein Dominican Republic: UN

Santo Domingo.- DominicanRepublic is still home for 133,770 stateless people, says the UN HighCommissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), but significantly lower than the 210,000 whofigured in its report released December 18.

The report by the organizationbased in Geneva cites conflicts, persecution, widespread violence and thecontinued violation of human rights are the causes of forced displacement ofthousands of people worldwide during the first six months of 2015, the report says.

Since 2014, 59.5million people were forcibly displaced worldwide, according to the report.

In Dominican Republic´scase, the UNHCR revised the report and placed the number of stateless people ataround 133,770, including only those individuals born in the country of foreignparents.

“By contrast, adownward revision was reported in the number of statelessness in DominicanRepublic. This revised estimate includes 133,770 stateless persons onlyindividuals born in the country of parents who were born abroad, and does notinclude individuals born in the country of one parent born abroad and one ofDominican origin, as occurred with the 210,000 figure previously reported,” thereport said, quoted by acento.com.do.

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