Local January 12, 2016 | 11:41 am

Trash engulfs Dominican Republic´s 2nd city: grassroots movement

Santiago.- The civicmovement "Poder Ciudadano¨ (Citizen Power) on Tuesday urged theinhabitants of Dominican Republic´s second major city for forma a human chainagainst the local city council, to demand trash collection.

The protest is set to start1pm Wednesday at the corner of Estrella Sadhalá and Duarte avenues, just 300meters from City Hall.

The organizers said Santiagocan longer withstand more trash heaping along its streets and roads of its barriosand subdivisions.

Despite that city officialsheaded by mayor Gilberto Serulle argue that they are keeping the city clean, neighborhoodboards and grassroots groups constantly denounce the mounting garbage to Santiago´smedia.

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