Local February 1, 2016 | 11:48 am

Dominican senator is again 2nd in global ‘major corruption’ rank

Santo Domingo.- Beleaguered Dominican senator FelixBautista still ranks among Transparency International top people who mostsymbolize major corruption, holding on to second place with 9,726 votes.

The also secretary of Dominican Republic’s ruling party(PLD) reached first place two weeks ago, but displaced by the PETROBRAS scandalin Brazil, a the corruption case against former Ukraine president ViktorYanukovych, who ranks second in the ratings of the Berlin-based watchdog.

On Monday Bautista moved into second place with 9,726votes, to Yanukovich’s 13,097 and first place.

Votes can be cast until February 9 at www.unmaskthecorrupt.org, as part ofthe "Expose the corrupt," the global organization’s fight against economiccrime in the public sector.

According to the watchdog group, although Bautistaallegedly embezzled taxpayers’ money, his political connections make him seem “untouchable.”

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