Local February 9, 2016 | 7:44 am

Prize for writer reveals Dominican Republic government disconnect

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Republic’s highest literary awardfor Nobel Prize for Literature Mario Vargas Llosa reveals the disconnect amongtop officials of the government headed by president Danilo Medina.

Presidency chief of staff Gustavo Montalvo and governmentspokesman Roberto Rodriguez have voiced disagreement with the Culture Ministry’sdecision to award the Pedro Henriquez Ureña 2016, despite Vargas’ scathing attackon Dominican Republic’s immigration policy, comparing it to “Nazi Germany.”

Montalvo, who called the recognition inappropriate, said herespects the jury’s decision and doesn’t question the writer’s career.

He said Vargas disrespected government agencies. "He’sa person who at a time when the Dominican Republic was defending itself from aninternational campaign against it, (Vargas) he made aggressive and misleadingstatements about laws and their enforcement in the country."

On Monday presidency spokesperson Roberto RodriguezMarchena called the award for the writer "political recklessness."

Culture minister Jose Antonio Rodriguez defended the award,noting that it recognizes’ Vargas’ literary achievements.

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