Local February 19, 2016 | 8:00 am

‘Bad practices’ hobble the country’s institutions, must be dealt with

Santo Domingo.- American Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAMDR) LegalCommittee president Maria Esther Fernandez on Thursday stressed the importanceof facing with determination the "bad practices" she affirms underminethe country’s institutions.

"The lack of transparency and institutionalism is the mainaxis connecting to legal uncertainty" which leads to the "stagnationof the development and growth of poverty among the people, unemployment, pooreducation," among others realities.

"To consider ourselves a developed country or truly onthe path to development, we should not only deal with our economic growth,macroeconomic stability and fiscal balance. We must also confront withdetermination the bad practices that undermine democracy in our nation," theattorney said.

Fernandez spoke in the AMCHAMDR business breakfast on "Populismvs Republic," with Guatemala political scientist and journalist GloriaAlvarez as invited speaker.

Alvarez is considered a hemispheric phenomenon from her articlesand videos that have gone viral in social networks, prompting a constructivedialogue not only in Guatemala but throughout the region, of what it means be aresponsible citizen of a democratic republic.

Also presentin the activity were Rodrigo Arenas, Rosario Espinal, and Servio TulioCastaños.

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