Local March 7, 2016 | 11:46 am

Dominican officials, Goldquest executives attend Toronto trade show

Toronto.- Dominican government officials and Goldquest executivesmet at the mine developers trade show (PDAC) in Toronto Canada, forthe Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC), the world’slargest trade show for mine developers.

It is expected to have over 23,000 attendees, withabout 25% international attendees. Last year, there were participants from 116countries. There will be over 500 trade show exhibitors and 480investor show exhibitors.

Senior government officials from Dominican Republic areparticipating in the PDAC conference which runs from March 6 to March 9 inToronto, Canada.

According to Ramon A Morrobel R, Sub Director deFiscalizacioni y Castro Minero, they are here to have discussions with miningexploration companies such as Goldquest as well as encouraging other miningexploration companies to develop projects in Dominican Republic. Much of theirdiscussion will be focused on the junior companies for developing explorationprojects,” says a statement.

Goldquest is an exploration success story for DominicanRepublic. According to Julio Espaillat, CEO President, Goldquest, “We considerDominican Republic has a lot of potential for mining exploration and isconsidered a low risk. Our systematic, persistent approach using research,geological mapping, geophysical surveys have paid off with the results of theRomero Project, which has good grades and solid economics.”

GoldQuest Mining Corp is currently reviewing a prefeasibility study on the Romero project. Espaillat states, “ the potential fortheir holdings of 17,000 hectares is “very interesting since some areas havesimilar characteristics to the Romero.

The payoff for the Dominican Republic from the PDACconvention will be felt as more exploration companies seek out projects. Longerterm this would assist the Dominican Republic to develop a more diversifiedeconomy with job in the mining industry.

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