Local March 11, 2016 | 12:52 pm

FBI, Dominican Police agree to fight organized crime jointly

Santo Domingo.- The National Policewill cooperate with Federal Bureau of Investigation of the US Dept. of Justice(FBI) and the US Embassy, to create a Tactical Unit against organized crime.

The agreement aims to identifyand effectively deal with threats from organized crime in the Dominican Republicand the United States.

US Ambassador James W. Brewster, policechief Nelson Peguero and Carlos Caceres of the FBI signed the pact.

Caceres said the agreement onceagain bolsters the bilateral cooperationbetween the two countries, this time with joint efforts to disrupt and combattransnational crimes.

He said the collaboration will bewith a team of officers who’ll investigate pertinent profiles.

Peguero said interagencycollaboration with other police forces in the world bolsters the fight againstcrime.

For Brewster, Washington’s collaborationwill always result in positive actions for public safety in the country.

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