Sports May 14, 2024 | 3:14 pm

One gold, three silver, and one bronze medal in the Ibero-American Tournament

Mato Grasso, Brazil.- The Dominican Republic’s athletics team achieved notable success at the 2024 Ibero-American Athletics Championship hosted in Cuiabá, Brazil, clinching one gold medal, three silver medals, and one bronze medal.

Gerardo Suero Correa, President of the Dominican Federation of Athletics Associations, extended his congratulations to all the athletes comprising the delegation for their outstanding performance at the championship. He emphasized the continuous dedication of the athletes, showcasing their prowess against competitors from the Americas and beyond, and acknowledged the support provided by the Ministry of Sports.

The championship, which brought together over 455 athletes from 23 countries, witnessed sprinter José González, who previously secured gold at the Pan American Games in Chile 2023, achieving remarkable success. González clinched first place in the 200-meter dash with a record-breaking time of 20.25 seconds, outpacing competitors such as Argentina’s Ciampitti Juan Ignacio and Brazil’s Erik Barbosa.

Additionally, González secured the silver medal in the 100 meters with a time of 10.25 seconds. Despite initially winning the gold in the men’s 4X400 relay, the team was later disqualified for a lane invasion, comprising Wilber Encarnación, Ismael Adon, Juander Santos, and Yeral Nuñez.

Marysabel Senyú made history as the first Dominican to claim the silver medal in the high jump event.

Furthermore, Anabel Medina, an Olympic medalist, secured the silver medal in the 400 meters, while Yeral Núñez earned the bronze medal in the 400 meters hurdles, further highlighting the Dominican team’s exceptional achievements at the championship.

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