Local March 18, 2016 | 9:04 am

Leading outlet hosts 10th annual Man and Woman of the Year prize

Santo Domingo.- The Diario Libre media group on Thursday nighthosted the 10th year of the Man and Woman of the Year Award at agala, with the top prize for psychologist Soraya Lara de Marmol, president ofthe Battered Women Aid Association (PACAM), and baseball great David Ortiz,president of the Fund for Children that bears his name.

Hosting the ceremony were Diario Libre Group presidentArturo Pellerano, vice president Manuel A. Pellerano, Diario Libreeditor-in-chief Adriano Miguel Tejada, assistant director Inés Aizpún, commercialvice president Angie Vega and CFO Abel Flores.

The awards alsorecognized Oscar Villanueva, Cristina Francisco, Gisela Eusebio, Silvia Callado,Juan Oviedo, Fray José María Guerrero, Miguel Martinez and Silvia Pichardo.

Tejada congratulated the finalists and winners of the award’s10th year and announced changes to improve the quality in the outlet’sprinted and digital products.

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