Local March 29, 2016 | 3:21 pm

Presidential candidate lauds Dominican Republic’s first feminist in passing

Santo Domingo.- Alliance for Democracy (APD) presidential candidateMinou Tavarez Mirabal lamented the death of women’s rights fighter MagalyPineda, who died dawn Tuesday.

Tavarez said that the loss of a woman like Magaly Pineda goesbeyond Dominican Republic borders, since her struggle and perseverance are examplesfor Latin America and the world.

"For me, for our country, for women in our region andthe world is a very deep loss. Those who had the chance to know her, know thatMagaly was one of those people, lucid, a fighter who leaves behind teachings,love and a militant commitment to everyone’s life and rights," said the alsoindependent deputy.

She stressed Pineda’s tenacity, perseverance and ability tofight for the rights of women, even when it wasn’t an issue for the country’spolitical and social leaders.

"Magaly always inspired us. She was always the firstto alert, to convene and be there. If anyone in this country and the world shatteredboulders, that was Magaly. She taught us to be feminists when nobody else was. Sheendured taunts and insults when fighting for equality and our rights as humans wasn’tpart of the ‘politically correct` speech and she reverted it," she said.

Magaly Pineda devoted her life to improve the livingconditions of women in all areas of life, both politically and socially and afterher departure the only comfort we’re left with is to forge ahead with herstruggle, raising her ideas and her flags," Tavarez said.

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